Our Story



Love of water led us to fill a market need.

Having a lifelong passion for boating, I like to spend my free time on the water. My favorite shoes have always been "boat shoes."  However, traditional loafers and boat shoes, while comfortable, have one consistent problem: they are not made to get wet. Not only do they not drain, but once they get wet they can take hours or even a day to dry out, and they can looked stained or have water spots. As a beach, water and boat enthusiast, I was always frustrated that my boat shoes were not as water friendly as they needed to be.  After doing some research, I realized that the original boat shoe has changed little in over 80 years. At Tucket Footwear we believe that a significant technology update is well overdue. That is our mission: build a new "boat/loafer shoe" that combines a much loved traditional styling with modern design elements and modern technology; a boat shoe that looks great,feels great, drains fast, dries fast and grips well. This is Tucket Footwear--the performance boat shoe for today.


Designing a new Boat Shoe...that drains.

With a background in footwear fashion and technology,  I have been brainstorming designs for a better boat shoe for more than six years. Ultimately, I developed our unique design for style, comfort, drainability, and grip. I pitched my idea to the only injection molded footwear manufacturer in the USA and we were on our way. A year later, and after multiple design iterations, we have made what I believe is the perfect boat shoe, the Giller. The Giller is a fully functional boat shoe in a driver design that can be fully submerged in water and it will drain instantly. It can go from boat to beach, beach to restaurant or campus to stadium. The sleek design of the Giller can take you most anywhere.


Purpose driven.....let's help feed our children in the USA.

The Tucket Footwear mission doesn't stop at building the best looking, best functioning boat shoe. We want our company to fulfill a greater purpose. The fact is that there are many children all around us that go to bed hungry every night. One in five families with children in the USA are food insecure according to the FDA. We want to put a focus on these children. Young children are not capable of feeding themselves or their families. They need our help. Tucket Footwear has pledged that for every pair of Tuckets purchased by customers like you, our company will donate funds to community foodbanks to buy at least three meals per consumer purchase for children and families in America.

We at Tucket Footwear wish you many adventures in your Tucket Boat Shoes!   

Dennis McCormick,  Founder

and the Tucket Footwear Team.